A.  General queries

1. Can I submit application for financial support (proposal) to DBT-CTEP before registering my organization?
  No. You can submit applications only after obtaining approval of the registration your organization with CTEP
2. Can I submit application for financial support on paper?
  Any application submitted on paper will not be considered by DBT-CTEP for support.
3. Where can I find the formats for submission of applications?
  All applications are to be submitted online using the formats already available on the DBT-CTEP web site.
4. Why am I not able to upload my document(s)?
  Please keep the file size of your documents as minimimum as possible. The sum of the filesize of all the documents must be less than 10MB.
B.  Before Registration
1. Who is to register the organization with CTEP?
  Any central authority in your organization can register with CTEP. The person registering the organization should give his/her email id in the registration form.
2. Can HoD/HoO directly register the organization with CTEP?
  Yes, in that case, the registering authority and the verifying authority are the same.
C.  While filling registration form
1. I am in the process of registering my organization with CTEP, but I do not have the complete details with me. Can I resume the registration process later?
  Yes, there is an option viz. "Save and Resume later". In that case, you will be asked to provide your name and e-mail ID and you will receive an email from CTEP where you will receive a link and you can follow the instructions given therein.
2. Is bank information mandatory for even government organizations?
  Bank details are compulsory for any organization including government organizations.
3. Where the payment will be received?
  Invariably payments should be remitted to the organization not to any individuals. The bank account should be in the name of the organization. In case of bank account in individual's name, the entire registration of organization with CTEP will be rejected.
4. Are Articles of Association and related documents (given in Step 4 of the Registration Process) necessary for government organizations?
  No; government organization need not upload the documents viz. articles of association, etc. They are required for only non-government organizations.
D.  After Submission of registration
1. What should I do after submission of the registration details?
  After submission your registration details an email is sent to the head of your organization for verification and approval of the organization's registration. The Head of the Organization needs to check his/her email and follow the instructions given therein.
2. What should be done in case no e-mail intimation is received by the HoD (Head of the Department)?
  It could be possible that the email could have been landed in your spam/junk mail box. Also, please check if you have provided the correct e-mail ID of your HoD in your registration. The E-mail ID could be wrong. In case of wrong e-mail ID, you may have to resubmit your organization's registration with correct e-mail ID of your HoD or HoO
3. How would I know that my organization's registration with CTEP has been approved by DBT-CTEP Cell?

You will received an automated email intimating approval of your registration with CTEP. You will be issued a reference number viz. Organization Code along with login details in order look at status of your applications on DBT-CTEP website.

E.   During submission of application
1. My organization's registration with CTEP has been approved? How can I proceed for submitting my application for financial support?
  You need go to the Section "Submit Proposal" and search for organization. You will find your organization and follow the instructions therein.
2. I am organizing a conference for my organization? How can I go about applying for the grant?
  As mentioned in Question No. E-1, you may go to the "Submit Proposal" section. On finding your organization, you may select the appropriate proposal type given therein and then follow the instructions.
 3. I am an individual? How can I get DBT's support?
  You will be eligible to receive DBT support only through your organization which should be registered with DBT-CTEP.
F.   In case of rejection of a proposal
1. What are the various reasons for rejection?
  Listed below are the various reasons (together with Rejection Code) for rejection of a proposal by the DBT CTEP Committee:
  1. PC001:  Lacks scientific merit
  2. PC002:  Not supported for any training courses/In-house activities/purely hands on workshops
  3. PC003:  Paper Acceptance letter not found
  4. PC004:  Senior Scientist is not supported for poster Presentation
  5. PC005:  Approval of HoD/Lead author and supervisor not found
  6. PC006:  Co-Author in a oral/poster presentation is not supported
  7. PC007:  No Novelty and work proposed is of routine nature
  8. PC008:  No hardcore biotechnology R&D component
  9. PC009:  Received grant in last 3 years
  10. PC010:  Not a mandate of DBT
  11. PC011:  Lacks relevant Expertise
  12. PC012:  Incomplete information
  13. PC013:  Event is over
  14. PC014:  Not Eligible
  15. PC015:  In the present form it is not recommended. However improvement in the R&D may be useful for future support
  16. PC016:  Another/Similar Programme already supported
  17. PC017:  Due to various commitments unable to participate in this event
  18. PC018:  Inadequate/Inconclusive data in the abstract
  19. PC019:  Not focused