The Department of Biotechnology (DBT) will consider proposals under the Travel Support Scheme for financial assistance to Indian scientists/researchers, (residing/working in India) involved in Biotechnology for presenting their research papers in international conferences/ Seminars/ Symposia/ Workshops which are being held outside India relevant to the areas of interest and the projects/ programmes of the Department. The scheme provides up to full reimbursement of the actual return airfare in economy/excursion class to applicants from the nearest airport to the place of work in India to the venue of the conference/ Seminar/ Symposia/ Workshop. The event should be of international nature sponsored by foreign governments, international organizations or institutions under the aegis of multilateral, regional or bilateral arrangements.The travel program of CTEP is open w.e.f. 25.04.2024 for : (a) Indian students and Post doctoral Fellows (b) Teachers, Scientists, Professors, etc. working at Government Universities and Government Institutions (Centre and State)
    1. Applicant should be an active scientist/ researcher engaged in research and development and promotion of biotechnology. Scientist below the age of 50 years would be accorded preference. Minimum educational qualification should be Post Graduate in Science or Bachelor degree in Engineering/ Technology or equivalent qualification.
    2. Investigators/Co-Investigators of DBT supported projects/ programmes, Chairmen and Expert Members of the various Task Forces, Biotechnology Research Promotion Committee, SAC - DBT are also eligible to apply.
    3. Senior Scientists/ faculties working in Pay Band - 4 would be provided travel support only if they have Oral paper presentation.
    4. The scientist should not have availed financial assistance for travel support from Govt. in the last three financial years.
    5. Scientist should have an accepted paper for presentation as a single or lead author.
    6. Application submitted online (www.dbtctep.gov.in) only will be considered. Proposals submitted physically (hardcopy) will not be accepted.
    7. More than two applications from the same Organisation may not be entertained in the same period. The final discretion on the same would be taken by the Committee based on the quality of the proposals.
    1. In all cases of air travel where the Government of India bears the cost of air passage, air tickets shall be purchased from the three Authorised Travel Agents viz.
      1. M/s Balmer Lawrie & Company Limited (BLCL)
      2. M/s Ashok Travels & Tours (ATT)
      3. Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC)
      If the tickets are not purchased from the above authorized agents, the travel grant will be restricted to the following slabs :
      • America, Australia, Canada, South Africa Rs. 60,000/- for full ticket
      • Europe, China and Russia Rs. 40,000/-
      • South Asian Countries Rs. 30,000/-
      In case of unavoidable circumstances, where the booking of tickets is done from an unauthorized travel agent/website, the Financial Advisors of the Ministry/Department and Head of Department no below the rank of Joint Secretary in subordinate/attached offices are authorized to grant relaxation.
    2. Government of India guidelines on air travel where the Government of India bears the cost of air passage. (GOI_Guidelines_for_Air_Travel)
    3. In case, grant from other agencies had been applied, copy of acceptance or rejection, as the case may be, is required to be enclosed with the Claim Sheet. In case, grant was sanctioned but not availed, a copy of the letter from the sanctioning agency may be enclosed otherwise a letter from the Head of the Institution certifying that the grant although sanctioned but was not availed may be enclosed (in original).
    4. The successful applicant will be informed about two weeks before the commencement of the conference. No interim correspondence will be entertained and canvassing in any form would lead to disqualification of the applicant.
    5. Applications must be submitted atleast 12 weeks in advance but not more than 24 weeks in advance.
    6. In case of non-senior applicant (anybody below Assistant Professor Level), the prior attendance in national level conferences must be indicated. It is to be noted that funding will be given to non-senior applicants only if he/she has attended at least one national level conference.
    7. In case of multiple authors only one author who is not below the scale of Assistant Professor Grade will be funded.
    8. Funding for single author is restricted to only person who is at least of Assistant Professor Grade or above.
    9. All applicant should be encouraged to apply for established conference series, for example conferences conducted by the societies or "non-profit" organisations. Attendance of conferences organized by "for profit" organizations will be low prioritized for funding.
    10. You can upload a pdf file of maximum size of 2 MB.
    11. Incomplete application shall be rejected.
    12. The amounts are indicative only. DBT may consider a change based on the situation at a particular point of time.
    13. Travels claims should be submitted with complete documents within 3 months (90 days) from the completion of the event for which travel is undertaken. Any claim received beyond three months will not be entertained.
    14. Reimbursement would be done at the earliest subject to availability of funds.
    15. The meeting of the Departmental Committee for Promotion & Popularization of Biotechnology is held every month.
    The following documents are required to be uploaded while submission through online:
    1. Letter of Invitation from organizers giving particulars such as acceptance of paper for Oral or Poster presentation.
    2. Announcement of the conference/ Seminar/ Symposia.
    3. Abstract of the paper accepted for presentation along with letter of its acceptance by the organizers.
    4. No Objection Certificate from Co-authors (if any) that they are not attending the said conference.
    5. In case the applicant is not the lead author, a certificate from the lead author indicating the circumstances of deputing the applicant to present the paper.
    6. Certificate of estimation of fare for shortest route from any Government approved enterprises (1. Balmer Lawrie & Co. Ltd; 2. Ashok Travels & Tours, Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited). If the tickets are booked through Government approved enterprises in case of any increase/ decrease in fare vis-a-vis the estimated fares, fares will be paid by DBT on actuals.
    7. A copy of letter regarding commitment from any other national or international agency, for any financial assistance, full or partial for travel, registration, per diem etc.
    8. Approval/ Forwarding letter from the Head of the Organisation/ Department.
    9. Certificate from the applicant that he/she has not availed travel support from any government organisation in the last three financial years from the date of application.
    10. Abstract which has been accepted for conference carrying the details of all the co-authors including their affiliations must be provided.
    11. Supervisor's name and consent for the application should be provided (for all non-senior applications below the Assistant professor grade).
    The sanctioned amount subject to actuals will be released to the grantee only on his/her return to India after participation in the conference and on submitting the following documents:
    1. Claim Sheet for reimbursement of Travel grant for presenting research papers in International Conference/ Seminar/ Symposium/ Workshop ( Annexure - I ).
    2. Report on Participation ( Annexure - II ) duly verified by HOD/Supervisor.
    3. A copy of air tickets with original boarding passes.
    4. Photographs/short video of your presentation in the event
    5. Proof of payment to Authorised travel enterprises as mentioned in the CTEP guidelines.
    6. A Certificate of participation at the Conference from the organizers.
    7. Certificate of Award(s) received (if any) during the conference.
    8. Other travel support received for the trip.
    9. Entitlement certificate for inland travel (Eligibility of travel in present organization to attend any conference/event within India).
    10. Duly verified Bank details of your organisation (Name as per bank records, bank name, branch name and address, account no, nature of account, IFSC code and MICR Code).